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When we were planning my bi-lateral BK surgery in August 2011, my medical team asked me to set goal(s) for my post-surgery life.  Among those goals were to start a blog, which you are reading, write a book which when published I hope you will read and learn to play golf, which I started last … Continue reading

N.C. Led in prosthetics for Confederate Vets

from News and Observer Friday March 16, 2012 article by Jay Price Modern science in prosthetics is astounding but history provides interesting insight into its beginnings.  The book “Phantom Pain”  by Ansley Wegner chronicles North Carolina’s Reconstruction-era prosthetic limb program. This is a really good read as it depicts the severity of limb injuries in the Civil War.  … Continue reading

Paint your Proths

I am going to have a little fun with this post. First, I was surfing the net one evening and I ran across a website called   It is a site where you can purchase decorative material fashioned as a cover for your prosthetic.  They are now producing designs which are incorporated into the laminate layers … Continue reading

National Telecommuting Institute

Let me introduce a “potential” work opportunity for HANDICAPPED individuals.  I am not going to pass judgement but simply relay my experience. Several weeks ago I received a phone call (actually a message) soliciting my interest in a work at home (WAH) opportunity.  My life has changed in many ways since my BK amputation.  Oh, … Continue reading

Disability Rights North Carolina

  I would like to highlight an organization found here in NorthCarolina.  There are similar organizations in many other states as well. Disability Rights North Carolina is an independent, private not for profit organization. Designated by the Governor on July 1, 2007 to ensure the rights of all state citizens with disabilities through individual advocacy … Continue reading